Woodstock's NAStiCAR

Woodstock's NAStiCAR
Coming soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Woodstock lives

Craigslist motor is good. Smokes a lot from the grime burning off and the headers were glowing cherry hot. (carb too lean) Took a carb off a 455 that has been sitting for a few years and it works fine. I took off the headers and put exhaust manifolds on, much more better. Way less heat = less fire. Need to build cage NOW !

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Woodstock motor junk

Woodstock motor is JUNK. After disassemble and rummaging trough piles of Pontiac parts, putting it all together, installing it, we fired it up only to discover a cracked lifter bore. (lifter and push rod exited out sideways. Good thing for crags list found 400 motor & 350 trans & headers for $395. I talked to him about lemons and got it for $200 and he kept the headers and trans. It hasn't run in 20+ years and he says its out of a GTO . Casting numbers says 69 ram air III heads and 400 big car ( Bonneville) block. I put in a oil pump and checked the bearing clearances. I will start it up today if time allows.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Woodstock's NAStiCAR takes flight

I've obtained Woodstock a few years ago, from a customer going through a bad divorce. I had worked on her car throughout the years, and she came in one day very distraught, I had asked her what was wrong. She replied that she was getting a divorce and her husband refused to help with the car. So I worked with her to patch the car up as she was totally dependent on her husband up to this point. Throughout the year it took to finalize the divorce, her car would mysteriously not start in the morning, have flat tires, and "graffiti" sprayed on it on multiple occasions. I found things such as, a cut wire for the fuel pump, missing valve cores, a cut drive belt, and the list went on and on. I filled out an affidavit stating these mysterious findings, and fortunately I did not have to appear in court. The day after the divorce was final, she asked me to come and get his "racecar" and stated she was buying a new car and wanted it in the garage.
I have sat on this car for a few years, and have done absolutely nothing to it. While brainstorming one day at lunch, Josh said "what are you ever gonna do with that Grand Prix? Let's make it a LeMons racer." We then pulled it out of the garage, and noticed that the birds had made their home above it. Boy was it nasty!! This was the inspiration for the name NAStiCAR. I put a battery in it and started it up, only to find a serious miss. I ran a compression test on the motor and found no compression on cylinders 3 and 7. Upon removing the engine and tearing it down, I found broken piston rings and ring lands. The rest of the motor looked pristine. Fortunately, much to my wife's chagrin, I've been a Pontiac pack rat for all of my adult life. I went through my Pontiac garage and hit pay dirt. A complete set of mismatched pistons and rods!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Who I am and why I do this

Hi, my name is Dave Morrow. I am (according to my son Dan), an urban redneck, and the owner and operator of Morrow's Auto Service Center Inc. and partnered with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, located in East Pittsburgh Pa. We are a full service auto and light truck repair center. I am an ASE master tech with over 30 years experience.
My crew consist of Josh, my office manager/service writer, Kelly and Jay are my techs.
Last March or April, while eating lunch Josh found an article in ESPN magazine about the 24 Hours of LeMons. This is a 24 hour endurance race for $500 crap can vehicles. A childhood dream of mine was to be a race car driver. At this point, I said "what about the van?" The van in question is a 1987 GMC G30, which we had converted into a mobile storage container. Everybody said we were nuts, as we cut, chopped, mutilated, painted, punched, bled, sweat, burnt, drilled, and anguished. Our first original theme was Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Killer Bunny. However, we saw a CRX with the same theme, although executed backwards, 2 weeks prior to our racing debut. In a heartbeat, we changed our theme to Snoopy's doghouse, a World War I Sopwith Camel.
My nephew Justin was in need of a double lung transplant, so we felt this was the prime opportunity to raise money for his operation. We held a fund raiser at the shop, and my customers answered the call with great generosity, as most of them pledged per lap. Note: Justin received his transplant on Sept. 24, 2009 and is recovering well, and is hoping to race with us in the future.
We left for the Lamest Day on Thursday October 1, 2009, in Garrettsville Ohio. Brian, one of our drivers, on the way over to my house, the receiver broke off his dump truck, carrying a enclosed trailer with all of our tools and equipment. Undeterred, we brought the trailer to my house, and I proceeded to gather my thoughts and leave. However, my son broke my ignition key off in the door of my Suburban. After an exhausting search for the spare key, I was on my way. Brian was delayed until the next morning when he could get his receiver fixed. Once on the road, I led a parade of cars to a tollbooth that was closed. Being the first vehicle in line, with the Snoopy van on the trailer, I had to back up. Mind you, the transmission in the Suburban did not like reverse, and has since been replaced. The trip to Ohio was uneventful, until we got to the track and could not find my pop up camper which Brian had dropped off the day before. After doing laps around the paddock, we found the camper, and had to move it, only to find it stuck in the mud. I had the luxury of hammering the receiver for the camper into my son's Blazer, which hadn't had anything in the receiver in quite some time. All of this was done in the rain and mud.
After setting up camp, the rest of the night was uneventful, and even pleasant with people coming by to catch a glimpse of the Snoopy van. I met some real nice people. The next morning, it was still raining. It was time to hit the track for test driving the van for the first time after the suspension modifications. This had included cutting 2 coils off the front springs, and removing 5 leafs on either side of the rear springs and relocating the front shackles up to the floor. This essentially lowered the van 7.5 inches. Had a blast driving it in the rain, it was very predictable, and hydroplaned like any other van would.
The rest of the team showed up through out the day. Some had gotten lost along the way, others had to leave late, i.e slept in. We went through tech and B.S. inspections without incident and everybody test drove until Nick's turn. Now about 5 minutes left of test-n-tune Nick radioed in that the van was running hot and he was coming in. The MOTOR LOCKED UP coming down pit lane! We pushed the van back to our paddock and "worked the motor loose and got it started again. Everybody cheered untill we heard the "knock". Kelly and I decided to yank the motor out, and see the extent of damage. While the tear down was happening, one of our team members' girlfriend, whom shall remain anonymous, started some fireworks of her own. Anybody near can attest to the commotion and the very uncomfortable feeling. I couldn't get my head any deeper in the engine to get away. Meanwhile, Josh was on the phone with Summit Racing, 40 miles away, checking availability of the parts we may have needed. Went to bed at 1:30 a.m. after a nasty gash was provided from an exhaust pipe.
Early the next morning, we found the cause of the problem. We needed a crankshaft and bearing set. Also, a high volume oil pump and timing set were acquired. We sent 2 of the women to pick up the parts. What seemed like a eternity later, they returned, with the WRONG PARTS!!! Another frantic drive to Summit, with some angry overtones when we arrived, produced the correct parts and only a minor setback. The outpouring of support from every one at the track was phenomenal. Finally about 11:00 we fired Snoopy up and after setting timing and double checking every thing we started through the paddock with the team piled on. It seemed as though everyone came out to meat us with high fives and cheers. We were just in time for the peoples curse and we made a spectacle of ourselves again. Josh drove 1st, Kelly and Nick slept then Brian who instantly got black flagged for 4 wheels off within 3 laps. Josh drove again,Dave slept, Brian drove, Dave drove 1 lap then black flagged for no tail lights (forgot to turn on head lights) drove 3 more laps and came in due to massive glare and sleep deprivation. Kelly woke and drove, Josh slept. Nick was sick with a fever and drove after dawn. Dave drove during the day, with no glare, and had a blast. Much to Brian's chagrin, Josh ended up with the fastest lap, as a team we ended up 97th out of 122. We were awarded the heroic fix trophy, and a check for $500 made out to Justin from Jay, the Chief Perp of 24 Hours of LeMons.
On the way home, Josh got lost, Dave blew a brake line and lost his trailer brakes, while everyone else made it home with no problems. The shenanigans will continue this year.....